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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Get ready for the new Blog Train!

That's right, there is a new Blog Train getting ready to leave the station, and it is jam packed with free goodies for you. Don't forget to get on board February 1!

In other news:
I am looking forward to mid-term exams next week. I'm pretty confident that I will do well. I am currently studying the Origins of the Cosmos and Introduction to Christian Thought. I am finding both of these classes to be very interesting. They are testing my faith a little, but testing my faith against other ideas makes it stronger in much the same way that we are put through trials to make us stronger. 

I have discovered pressure cooking and mug cakes. Not good when you are trying to lose weight. Quick, easy, and usually fattening. Oh well, everything in moderation. 

I hope you are doing well. God bless!